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Latest News Aug 2008 :
Join with Exploratorium's crew in China through - for webcam of the eclipse, on Friday 1st between 10:30 and 11:30 GMT.   Click here to access the Eclipse Replay video, recorded on 1st Aug from 10:30 UT. (totality is about 35 minutes in to the clip use slider to fast forward, as desired)

The following text is written prior to the august 2008 total solar eclipse

The eclipse path starts in North Eastern Canada before crossing the arctic and then heading south into Siberia and finally ending its path in China. Because of the northern latitude for totality, and sparse population, the eclipse in 2008 will not be easy for many to get to or see. Weather prospects (cloud cover) may be problematic in some locations in early August in these northern latitudes. Cloud cover statistics for the whole eclipse path (by Jay Anderson) are available click here. Prices for organised tours to the 2008 eclipse are generally high, because of its inaccessabiilty to mainstream tourist destinations.

The Science behind the 1st Aug Solar Eclipse is covered in this article : solar eclipses.

An option to see the total eclipse from the air is being run by Travelquest International. Places are now fully booked. Travelquest are also offering tours to China and Russia (land-based) and a "Sea Voyage to totality" too, although suspect these too are fully booked.   Although these tours are all expensive, they have an excellent pedigree with years of experience in providing a complete astronomical experience for "Eclipse Chasers".

For other land-based tours, the area around the Russia/ China border has a number of tours, and would appear to offer the best chance of clear skies. Tour prices are fairly high, because of the location, but we list below a number of organised tour groups that might have space up until June 2008.   If you are only thinking of booking on a tour now, you are probably too late, especially where visas are required.   We have recommended trips to Novosibirsk Reservoir (informally, the Ob Sea), to the southwest of Novosibirsk in Russia to observe totality, (or else to the north western edge of China, where it borders the south western tip of Mongolia - although access is more difficult here).   Statistically, Novosibirsk reservoir tends to have better climatic conditions (for clear skies) than in Novosibirsk city.

Readers on a budget might wish to consider a "do it yourself" approach to seeing the eclipse here. Novosibirsk lies on the Trans-Siberian railway between Moscow and {Vladivostok or Beijing}, offering the chance for adventure and additional "stop off's". It can also be reached by 'plane for those looking for a quicker journey (regular services from bangkok, beijing, dubai, frankfurt, kiev, moscow and St Petersburg... etc.). The Novosibirsk Guide website and the Novosibirsk Tours page provides some details about do-it-yourself arrangements - and organised tours - including accommodation locations.

Unlike some years, we (Eclipse Travel) will not be offering our own tour itinerary in 2008 (we hope to, for 2009), but are listing a number of options from tour companies who offer flexible packages, allowing the opportunity to budget accordingly. If booking through a tour company, we recommend checking out tour companies credentials for running good astronomical trips, as well as being of good standing as a tour company.    The travel options might include starting from Moscow to travel to Novosibirsk on the famous Trans-Siberian Express, with accommodation in both Moscow and Novosibirsk. If you plan to organise your own trip completely, be aware of any language issues you may face. Visas for travel in Russia or China may also be required, depending upon your nationality. There are a number of organisations that specialise in giving advice for independent travellers to Russia or china, which you should consult to ensure you have adequate local knowledge for building your own travel itinerary.

Under the heading "Novosibirsk Tours page" (just above) a selection of organised land-based tours have been listed, these are characterised by the choice of duration offered and the level of service provided on each tour. Please note however, there are other tour groups which can be found by doing a search on the internet! We are not responsible for the services offered by the tour companies we list here, or the suitability of their tours. You must make appropriate checks. We are not recommending any specific tour company on this site, rather giving you access to a list of possible tour companies offering trips including opportunity to be in the path of the 2008 total solar eclipse. Remember also to take out appropriate travel insurance/cover for any trip you might decide to book.

You may contact us (Eclipse Travel UK) to express interest in solar eclipse travel/tours by clicking here and providing your contact details,
Please note: we are not responsible for third party agents whatsoever, your contract will solely be with the agent providing the tour.

Eclipses in 2008 are on : Feb 7th - Annular (Antarctica) ; and August 1st - Total (in certain northern latitudes).
We will not be providing details of tours for the annular eclipse in 2008.

  Totality in 2008 will last up to 2 minutes 27 seconds (ground-based observations)

Novosibirsk city skyline Novosibirsk opera house cultural centre Novosibirsk Reservoir - Ob Sea - at sunset Novosibirsk and reservoir from the air Novosibirsk : river crossing at sunset

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